Intensive training: self management as Burnout prevention in Stralsund the training, with the title: the sails properly in place and keep the course, aimed at all Stressgeplagten who want to cut from the circuit and calmly deal with the demands of everyday life in the future. Anke Lambrecht offers these educational leave in Stralsund by the 13.10.2013 18.10.2013, about the Bildungsverein LIW e.V.. All interested can itself register until the end of September. Training, on the coast, offers an ideal atmosphere to bring his body and mind back into balance. Look in the far distance, the noise of the water, salty taste in the air, the idea evaporated with the wind: Hardly a different landscape has so much attraction as the water. At the gate, each participant, in contrast to everyday life, literally breath of fresh air in his life can bring to the island of Rugen. Here, techniques are taught how to leave everyday life behind and guard against excessive demands in the future. Higher – faster – further Constant pressure and the demands of your daily life call many people and allow to draw very little time-new energy.

Peace and tranquillity has become the rarity. Many have the feeling to turn in the circle and just have to work. Stress is essential. To be caught in the circuit causes the opposite. Constant stress is the biggest enemy of our health. “Physical loads up to the diagnostic burnout” is increasing. Correctly set the sail and keep the course as native Stralsunderin white for the theme to focus the benefits of Hanseatic City Stralsund Anke Lambrecht. Usual practices in the current work and life situation can be reflected intensely by the retreat from everyday life.

The participants will learn how she stressful situations constructively deal with, effectively to manage in everyday life and redefine balance their personal life. They keep the new course, in which they develop new possibilities of action and targeted use of techniques of relaxation and stress management. Use your opportunity Quality of life and increase to be in the future more resistant to daily requirements. The coach of Anke Lambrecht as trainer and coach supports individuals up to all teams, which have special performance requirements in your profession. With their many years of experience in the field of personality development, she focused the topics: motivation, performance, resilience and coping with stress, on the way to the successful implementation of their professional and personal goals, benefit from special training formats and individual coaching, where activity and experience are an integral part of their customers. While she attaches particular importance to combining mental coaching, such as including wingwave with physical fitness. p = 1610 Anke Lambrecht

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