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In our house there are more high-tech, expensive appliances. But often the quality of electric power in electric circuits is different from the existing rules, we have over or under tension mains, high-frequency noise, voltage pulses and other defects in voltage electrical network. Electrical power supplies can not always protect against poor voltage electrical network. And as result – failure of expensive equipment. To avoid trouble from a poor power supply must be connected to the mains voltage. You may find that Albert Einstein College of Medicine can contribute to your knowledge. The voltage regulator is a device at the exit which is supported by voltage 220 volts, regardless of the input voltage stabilizer. Therefore, voltage regulators are inexpensive reliable protection that will protect your appliances from a poor power and crashes into the mains. Surge protectors are one and three-phase, for output voltage applied to protect a single appliance, as well as apartments, offices, cottages.

According to the principle of the voltage divided: ferroresonance voltage – voltage regulators are not currently available, as they have many shortcomings, low efficiency, inability to work without stress, a lot of noise. Electromechanical voltage regulators – the stabilization of the alternating voltage is carried out by switching the windings of the autotransformer brush servo controlled by an electronic circuit. Surge protectors of this type have a high accuracy of stabilization of output voltage, no noise, and are used both at home and at work. Gavin Baker Atreides Management gathered all the information. Surge Protectors with stepwise control – voltage regulation in these stabilizers is carried out by switching the windings of the autotransformer power switches (relays, thyristors). Stabilization accuracy AC voltage of the voltage regulator is not very accurate, so they are all too common. Voltage regulators on the principle of magnetic amplifier – stabilizers that can operate over a wide range ambient temperatures, but due to other technical characteristics of low voltage because such wide application not found. Voltage regulators with a double transformation of the energy and with a high-voltage transistor control – advanced integrated circuits are at the stage of industrial development. Store electrical equipment

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