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School with input and output considerations clear, the world continues to rotate even after completion of the school. Are we doomed to turn us with each small grid but so inescapable? I guess not! Because why should a (hopefully good) school have created probably otherwise a solid basis, if it is not a small room for freedom would be emerged at least individually considered. The then a well-trained students would have allowed, not just with each loop of a supposedly current zeitgeist with to have to turn. We come to what supposedly once said Bismarck. Judges and laws, he saw four ways, namely: good laws and good judges, good laws and bad judges, bad laws and bad judges and ultimately bad laws and good judges. For the latter case Bismarck of the opinion was, that good judges could far outweigh even bad laws and overcompensate. Without this transfer to the present then further discuss to an analog consideration arises.

How about the situation, for example at school and students? I.e. good school and good students, good school and poor students, poor school and poor students, and bad school and good students? If a student is really good or bad, is not just based on his notes, but also based on his previously mentioned and systematized soft skills”, in particular his social skills measured. Bismarck the opinion was also I guess, that good students can make up for a bad school and more than offset in this sense? Not always to be found being the maximum good good combination in the real world, this would be a question perhaps worthy of consideration. CF., detailed versions of Becker, Jorg: there is a school in the Hanau country high school is it since age called, 2010, ISBN 9783839199176. Short and sweet, you will reach directly or indirectly the question of the return.

With regard to the education General and school in particular. Based on concrete cases one could the impression, that such questions actually quite nobody interested. The school does not or hardly and their students do not already. With reference to previously documented Sextaner entrance exams were at least at the time just about plugged in, what it had sown. It was thought whether and how this seed then went up, on the basis of the later archived certificates to be able to read. But at least with the Abitur that an ancient student song will apply again, namely: and once the day because it rings for the last time, ade valete we drive sine set a.c.i., Magistri n in the world without Casar and geometry. But then the traces of former students evaporate more or less quickly. Specifically, contacts, but are canceled the return of what has made the school, only falls later in life, know very little about their product the school”training, as this under what conditions in the Practice acts and hopefully proven. Exaggerated formulated the school controls their processes over long distances virtually blind. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Gavin Baker Atreides Management by clicking through. No economic thinking organization could afford to actually such. At least today seems to enforce such knowledge on a wider basis. To read is this development of increased attempts to sound costing of educational returns. “The basis for this could be a great set: the school system go ahead all other things”! CF. Becker, Jorg: High country school is a school in the Hanau country she is since ancient times called ISBN 9783839199176., 2010, Jorg Becker

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