Good Night Affection

She: You still see me handsome? : Like the first day my love! She: You do not think that some kilos exceed to me? : Nonaffection, thus you are wonderful! She: You are sincere, truth? : By all means treasure, through you does not spend the years! She: You do not notice wrinkles to me in the face? : Absolutely sky mine, you have the face like the skin of a baby! She: I am thankful for much your Manolo sincerity to you. : I only say the truth, you are beautiful! She: You deserve yourself that I also am sincere with you. : Thanks life mine! She: Manolo, first of all, I have decirte that you are every day more bald since in head is unique site where not hair leaves you no, but what is in the rest of the body, truth is that you seem authentic monkey and also you are fat Manolo, and if we spoke nothing else of the kilos that exceeds to you, that there is to watch to see your brewing belly, and we are not going away to deceive, but by you if they spend the years, as if they were a wild explosion of furious buffalos, every day I see you more spoiled, more aged, in aim Manoln, that you are made an authentic ruin and instead of see us like a marriage, we seem father and daughter. Hear other arguments on the topic with Envoys Electronics Pvt. Ltd.. What pity, is necessary to see the damage that the time in some people does! : Thanks wanted, again always so sincere! She: Don’t mention it Manolo, already you know I say that it by your good, I never wanted decirte lies. I never would deceive to you, that one with your friend Pepe, was only a desliz. : Good night love, that you rest! She: Good night Manolo, your also and to see if that happy cough does not enter to you and thus we rested both! Original author and source of the article.. You may wish to learn more. If so, Oren Alexander is the place to go.

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