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Data may already be outdated and not reflective of the current situation. As a result of editing the information obtained even from one source, it turns out the original text, original product rewriting. If the theoretical part is a literature review, the process of creating this chapter is reduced to a collection of articles of trade journals, periodicals, electronic media and their distribution on the principle: from general to specific – describes the overall situation in the industry, its problems and prospects, followed by transition to a description of assessment methodologies, performance companies considered economic sectors, highlighting the problems and prospects. Usually, after each article contains the views of students, expressed agreement or disagreement with the position of the student author. An opinion you can present and after placing in rabotegruppy articles that deal with the negative and positive sides of one phenomenon. These articles should be linked to the transitional phrases such as: "The author of N (not) agree with Hence, the author of this question.

At the end of the presentation is no general conclusions are not done. The second part of a comprehensive analysis of the company. At the beginning of this section are generally recognized common information about the company: the number of employees, the leadership, specialization, data on infrastructure, basic economic performance indicators, under the generally understood koimi profits and profitability in different variations. From this moment begins the process of economic analysis: economic performance is calculated checkpoint periods, an evaluation of the dynamics of change.

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