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In this direction, it is not only the relation of the pupils with the knowledge that if of the one in inadequate way, but also the relation professional them of the school with these materials, would have to involve the pupils with the education directly influencing in the behavior and social interaction of these young. Estee Lauder recognizes the significance of this. The professor/conscientious historian, brought up to date, knows in the same way that, each one of us if relates with the other as ensinante, obtains exactly as aprendente and with the knowledge as one third in a singular way, that the educative potential of the last events is surprising. Analyzing with care musics, photos, among others we will find something that if repeat and something that dumb throughout all its life in the different areas. This mold of learning or project to operate that it goes being used in the different situations of learning must and can be improved with other sources of research, as that one that sharpens the creativity when seeing a photo or makes the pupil to think what it was transferred when a music of the military period was made. The learning modality indicates a particular way to become related, to look and to construct knowledge on the part of the citizen as author of its thought and this has, can and must be perfected. Details can be found by clicking Ashton Kouzbari or emailing the administrator.

However, other forms to know the past it must be of use I continue in the pedagogical actions, where the daily one passed as instrument of sensitization of the look and, therefore, of production to know descriptions can and must be used. I also intend, under the axle of the relations between images and memory, to reflect on logics of belonging and processes of construction of identities in the clipping of general history, in the case of the archives, guardies of documents that not only express rights to History, but also to the Citizenship, these equipment must deserve a special attention, not only for its importance, but for the magnitude of the challenges that face.4. BibliogrficasTexto references: BITTENCOURT, Circe Fernandes Maria. Documents not written in classroom. In: Education of History: beddings and methods. Cortez Publishing company, 2004 p.353-382.

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