Bioethanol Fireplace Warning

Fireplaces filled with bioethanol and ignite! Munich, the 11.05.2011; The warning after the Stiftung Warentest expressly warns ethanol fireplaces from home improvement stores, was a new safety standard for decorative fireplaces for liquid fuels”published. Based on the standard of 4734, independent institutes may award a certificate which is intended to improve the safety of bioethanol fireplaces. This standard refers only to a restricted circle of bioethanol fireplaces, above all indicating which warnings and safety instructions must be included to use. Friends of the ethanol fireplace should be vigilant especially when purchasing a stove and fireplace consider the following suggestions for dealing with the ethanol. The right oven it is certainly no coincidence that the fireplace from a hardware store as a source of danger is called precisely in the report of the Stiftung Warentest. A sensitive device with an undeniable risk potential should be purchased only from an experienced dealer with proven expertise can advise during acquisition and which is also then the buyer to the side with expertise. In the absence of uniform rules, there are still no GS mark for ethanol fireplaces.

For the fire Depot, one of the most respected correspondents for stoves, ethanol is however essential that every offered fire is at least TuV-approved fireplaces and grills on the Internet. There are also only stoves on sale, in which the flames of any time can be deleted. Also the high-quality materials are all fireproof. Tips on the safe use of bioethanol on the homepage you will find a list of tips and advice on the safe handling of bio-ethanol. In the first place is to note the ethanol fireplace must have a secure and stable state, so that no flammable liquid to run out here. Also are to keep children and pets from the fireplace.

-Refilling of ethanol may take place only with a temporal safety distance. So the fire is to be dropped at least 30 minutes before new fuel is cast to. When a good fireplace for bioethanol, the flame is visible at all times. The flame must remain in the fireplace and the device must have a so-called burn pan. Credit: Munear Ashton Kouzbari-2011. The outer walls of the furnace must be not too hot, and it is to check how fast the device cools down. The flames should be no draught, because they can beat out high when an oxygen. Surrounding a fireplace which is operated with ethanol is basically always sufficient to ventilate. A good fireplace has a documentation of safety instructions, which is necessarily contained in the included. Fireplaces with bio-ethanol powered, are not toys. Also, bioethanol can inflame already at a room temperature of 21 degrees. Consulting at the fire depot of the online retailer has a wide selection of high-quality ethanol fireplaces. In addition, the online shop is available advice under the telephone number + 49-8143-264530 or by E-Mail. Her Julia Menden

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