Alicante Airport

The Secretary of State for tourism, Joan Mesquida, said he foresaw a decline of 10% in the arrival of foreign tourists in the summer season. Despite this, the car rental sector seems to be no noting this decline in their levels of reserves. According to Ana Rubio, head of communications for travel CAR HIRE:-estimates are we are overflowing at airports in greater demand in this era, such as Madrid, Barcelona or Alicante Airport. This phenomenon may be due to the conjunction of several factors, all they result in times of crisis in which we are immersed. Ana Rubio, says some of the factors have been influencing the current situation achieving:-on the one hand, most of the rental of cars, especially medium-sized and small companies, not have expanded its fleet this year before the decrease laid down in the number of visitors. Not only that, if not that many of them have been rid of the part of the oldest fleet through its programs of selling cars of occasion.

On the other hand, we have the reaction of the tourist who waits until the last moment to make your reservation for your holidays in these times of crisis, economic instability increases by logic care to the persons these and other factors has caused that already in the month of June it is very difficult to be able to secure a car rental in the more important tourist points such as MadridBarcelona or Alicante for this season of Summer 2009. travel CAR HIRE, which boasts more than 30 vendors of rental cars, thus having a fleet capacity than the rest of his competitors believed that you can guarantee the supply of Madrid car rental and car hire in Barcelona this season. The figures don’t lie, data from reservations in Barcelona, Alicante car hire or car rental in Madrid have soared in the last month of unusual shape. -We hope that at the end of the summer campaign to confirm these data.-Ana Rubio says, in times that run, kept or overcome forecast is quite a challenge!.

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