William Shakespeare

When I see that everything that grows, Perfection is only a brief William Shakespeare moment … Although, if you like Homer, Confucius, Vakhilidu, Nasimi Shakespeare people no longer appear in the society, the present stage of its development may well be the end. "If growth stopped, coming to an end" (Seneca). At This even is not part of the world's intellectual elite to Aristotle, it was clear that the development of science and present in such conditions, only accelerate this end. "Who is moving forward in the sciences, but falls short of virtue, the goes back more than forward. " And here, although there is a more accurate and close to one outstanding example of Russian politics, that fact can no longer be part of the intellectual elite of people that question morality really does not apply to any of the sides. "When clearly established that there is a true morality, all else becomes clear" (Confucius). However, until recently known in Russia has always been enough people who do not forgetting about morality: "Suppress a duty and obligation not to recognize, requiring at the same time, all the rights themselves, there is only disgusting" (Dostoevsky).

"Do not forget the debt – it's only music. Life without passion and duty is not " (Alexander Blok). That's because the rest of the world have long forgotten such as the words spoken long before the above words of our compatriots, there has already begun this very Sabbath "beastliness" and a genuine human life is extinguished and thought. And none of their elite no longer able to resist these processes, because in reality there is no intellectual elite. Swarmed by offers, M Asthton Kouzbari is currently assessing future choices. And so our future intellectual elite only need time to understand what is greatest her duty to the "poor intelligence" the rest of the world are still not clear.

With your dignity, my love, my duty to slavishly tightly bound. His testimony I have sent again: Do not mind, but my duty must show. Debt so high that poor mind can not describe its meaning: I want to invest in your thoughts Your basis is currently good conceit. William Shakespeare By the way, this example shows also that the nucleus of the future intellectual elite of Russia should be that's why. "Only the poet is truly human, and compared them with the best philosopher – a caricature" (Schiller). After all, no philosopher has not yet been able to understand that one of the conclusions of the truth connection time is denial law, including the current intellectual "elite."

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