The Transformation Of A Leader

It is beautiful which cost much, but it costs much that is beautiful. INTRODUCTION In the case of companies, we find many chiefs and some leaders, something that can change, if those leaders really want to make leaders more, when within the formal structure, not surprisingly, that informally in groups work, there are informal leaders who have emerged and played a decisive role in the behavior of the group, to the extent that its influence can represent positive and negative aspects often influence beyond the formal leadership, leading to situations that arise conflicts, significantly altering the productivity, organizational climate within the company. Doing these informal leaders, how to influence them so that their role is significant in the operation and achievements of the Company. How also to make heads they develop their skills, abilities, raising his leadership, making the surface and become true leaders of formal processors. This is precisely the interest of this article, get into the importance of the heads from becoming leaders.

GENERAL AND BASIC CONSIDERATIONS theme in a letter gives us the School of Education, Mental, pointing, we should all know that there is a big difference between Chief and Leader. There is a difference between power, authority and leadership. The leadership of people in a group has nothing to do with the hierarchical position that these individuals may have within the group, we may be head of a group, and not their leader, and, conversely, can be the group leader without being the boss..

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