The Humidity

In my house are only three and yet was so simple that all acogieramos a consensus decision to carry out this activity continuously, nor was adequate to succeed in recycling. You may find uber to be a useful source of information. Now imagine to agree to an entire city. Recycling in my home was carried out by trial and error. I'll tell you the first attempt to do and how it helped us to follow the appropriate process to follow. Learn more at: Lancome KOREA. First attempt 1. Separate waste: Although it seems logical, it was one of the hardest things, because even taking the containers for separate provision of the same, you always have the tendency to bring out the old patterns of behavior. Whenever I saw a vessel in the wrong place and I told him again and explained that each of the members of my family, no longer mixed waste to be separated. It was then that I realized that human beings do not like to give us lectures and when we do an activity that seems simple, is not that we do not understand, but simply do not want. So I chose to say the least and since I could not get a standard (who's going to set rules to parents), then I decided to apply that provision of a wise old man: "I change, to change the world." Thus I did not say more, and when he saw a mixed recyclable waste him out and deposited in the appropriate container, sometimes the material could not recover because the humidity was impregnated with organic waste and played leave it there (this happens mainly with paper and cardboard).

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