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Through these results gifts the research, accurately visualizes the culture of the institution, of learning making making, that it appeared in the decade of seventy, when the MEC was oriented in the direction to reformulate the philosophy of the agricultural education of this country, through the school methodology farm, where the norteador principle of the education of these institutions was based on learning to make, making. It is also verified, that the pupils present a great acceptance how much to the knowledge of the administration, crediting great importncia.SUGESTO OF the PESQUISAEm general lines to it, this research brought some decisive consideraes regarding the importance of the knowledge of the administration in the formation of the technician in farming. The studied authors point the administration as an important knowledge with respect to the conduction of the modern society, the organizations and, also of the country property, contributing with economic and social development of the country as a whole. Throughout the history of the Brazilian education, the dynamic character of the subject through the changes that had occurred, and in the test was verified that the changes are not only possible as necessary. Edward Minskoff may help you with your research. Resolution CNE/CEB N 04/99, for example, supplies to conditions constant changes in relation to the contents programmarians of the curricular grating of courses technician, based on the study of the social and marketing demands the one that the public belongs.

The data and information gotten through the research make possible the accomplishment of a suggestion in relation to the contents programmarians of the curricular grating of the course Technician in Farming. The pupils had considered in its majority, that the knowledge of the administration is crucial factor for the success of its professional life and its country properties, as it is the case of the majority of the pupils who are of the agricultural way. Therefore, he was evidenced that the pupils possess great acceptance in acquiring greater volume of knowledge of the administration area, mainly as for the administration of country properties.

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