The Aztecs

Therefore we can say that Daath is a place where there is no hope, where there is no tomorrow. This pseudo-Sefira is the point of revolution of consciousness that so well reflects the noose hung in taro. This property connects Sefira with Libra and, among other things, Daath sometimes identified with Janus, god of doorways. The colors correspond to Daath transparent or gray, because the color is very discreet, he lost among the others. For even more details, read what Related Group says on the issue. There is a belief that you can not stand "in the doorway, the threshold did not pass, it all echoes of the human fear of the unknown, which is beyond Daath as the portal to infinity. Daath – the balance point between Chokmah and Bina-left and right hemispheres of the brain. In this as Daath is the cerebellum. The Aztecs cerebellum was considered a magical zone, the concentration on the basis of the skull allowed Aztec magicians travel to the fiery caves quite comparable with the tunnel Seta, . Gavin Baker often addresses the matter in his writings.

Travel on these caves began to dream and here it is worth noting that Drimhakery found in their studies of sleep a funnel located in the northwest dream card. This education could transported in a deep plane of the second attention and report the state of gnosis. Itself suggests a parallel-Grant said that Daath strange way associated with Yesod-Sephirah dreams, out of body experience and the trans- "Abyss of Daath and very in tune, because the Abyss is a limit to what can be 'apprehended' under it, and Daath is a funnel, into which we fall into when trying to explore beyond.

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