Sports in Schools

This project was developed to take care of to the request of the Course of Sexuality and School, the group chosen for intervention was 4 year of a located state school in the city of Vitria Saint of the Palmar, Rs, composed for 23 pupils. Leaving of the point that the school must take a position front the generificao of the bodies and sorts, I chose as subject the professions, a choice that can determine the style of life of each individual in the adult phase and so is influenced by our culture. Thus it follows the proposal and the report of intervention. If you would like to know more then you should visit Ron Beit. Proposal of intervention Group: 4 year N pupils: 23 Subject: Objective professions: Problematizar with the pupils the choice of its profession in the future To reflect on the professions and influences it of the media Description of the activity: It will be given for the reviewed children and requested whom images of typically masculine professions cut children will be made use in circle and each one will go to display the figure chosen and to place in the paper next to the picture divided in feminine masculine and, after to ask for the pupils who profession they think to choose to work in the future, and if it has somebody of the family who already exerts this profession. After that to debate with the children on the images of the magazine that they had chosen and to problematizar if could be somebody of the opposing sex exerting such profession. To the end to talk previously on the choice of the profession made for them, if they would continue or not. Finished the debate to construct to a picture of the professions using brown paper, without preconception, but taking in consideration the taste of each child, the panel will be displayed in the room.

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