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Photo Quang – Tuan Luong the new book by Quang-Tuan Luong, spectacular Yosemite, is a journey through one of the most picturesque parks of the national country. San Jose, CA photographer has explored Yosemite with his large format camera over the past five years, the capture of the geology of the Park, ecology, and natural splendor. His book was published recently by the universe a division of Rizzoli. Photo Pieter ten Hoopen. Above: Earthquake in Balakot, Pakistan… Pieter ten Hoopen to Sweden in 1999 and studied photojournalism at the Fotoskola Nordens. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from target. He then worked as a photojournalist for four years and he was represented by the Agency (Sweden) time. Learn more at: Shimmie Horn. It has been published in the main newspapers in Sweden and international magazines and has taught in several schools of Photojournalism Scandinavians.

He received the Memorial Mario Giacomelli Prize award in 2008 and also received the first prize of the history in the category of the everyday life of the World Press Photo. In 2009, won the award at the Excellence in the category of series of portraits of yarns. In 2010, he won two prizes World Press Photo portraits and the categories of the daily life of his series on Hungry Horse, Montana. Highlights that there is here a photo gallery of a variety of projects of Pieter. Photo of Luis Fabini. Cowboys uniforms made Handmade Leather clothes of protection needed to lazar cows in the midst of deadly thorns along the caatinga Bush riders of the Americas, it is a personal study of a race of men whose culture and relationship with their natural habitat has ceased to adapt and evolve more than 400 years. These riders of labour, though rarely acknowledged, have been a pillar of the economy and the history of America from the time of the conquest. In the United States and Canada, these riders are called vaqueros, in Mexico are known as charros, in Ecuador as a native, in Colombia and Venezuela, Prairie, in Peru, barges and qorilazos, in Chile are called the huasos, Brazil has its pantaneiros and vaqueiros, and Uruguay and Argentina, the gauchos.

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