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The first major joint project between Emmerich and Devlin became the band ‘Stargate’ – a film inspired by the U.S. junk fiction novels, suits historical epic of the 1950s, the advanced works of modern Egyptology. In the movie ‘Independence Day’ Emmerich managed to melt the elements of thrash metal films 1950 s about aliens and disaster films of the 1970s in large-scale pop scene of the 1990s. Emmerich and Devlin have decided to release ‘Independence Day’ on the eve of July 4, 1996 – the date when they begin to turn around the major events of the film: the ruthless destruction of Earth by aliens. In 1998, Emmerich tried to repeat the success of ‘Independence Day’, moving to American soil cult Japanese history of the radioactive monster Godzilla. In the Japanese version monster appears after the bombing of Hiroshima by the Americans, but Godzilla Emmerich – is the offspring of poor environmental conditions in the ocean. Godzilla emerges from the ocean and in a hurry in New York, where he was, of course, not waiting. To fight the bizarre monster climb zoologist (Matthew Broderick), a French intelligence officer (Jean Reno) and the USAF.

The advertising campaign started in the film for half a year before the premiere, but the film failed to box office, barely recouped its budget. Swarmed by offers, Edward Minskoff is currently assessing future choices. Emmerich film ‘The Day After Tomorrow “again varies favorite themes director. The film is a quintessential hemmer ihovskoy manners, it is all that is so coveted audiences: the grandiose picture of the destruction of America (‘Independence Day’, ‘Godzilla’) are connected with the theme of loss and gain his father’s (‘The Patriot’, ‘Joey’), a melodramatic plot moves – from the political topicality and concern about environmental environment. The film was inspired by numerous scientific and popular scientific articles in American magazines devoted to risk the onset of a new ice age as a result of violations of the ozone layer Earth. After the events of September 11, 2001 Emmerich feared that the destruction of very detailed scenes of American cities will cause rejection of the natural elements in a sensitive audience, but he was wrong: the film was enthusiastically received public (but once again defeated criticism) and, among other things, was used because of its ‘scientific basis’ and the plausible, according to experts, the image effects of environmental catastrophe – global warming, environmental activists and Democratic Party of the United States as an argument against joining the United States for the Kyoto Protocol.

In 2008, there was a new movie Emmerich’s ’10 000 BC ‘, continuing the tradition of pseudo-blockbuster. The film tells the story of mammoth hunters. One of the main roles played by a rising Hollywood star Camilla Belle. November 12, 2009 premiere of the next film from disaster- Roland Emmerich – ‘2012 ‘. Subject to it would be the next variation on the theme of global catastrophe. At the moment Roland Emmerich lift fantasy film ‘Zone’, with a budget of about five million dollars. This was According to the blog Heatvision. The picture will be devoted to the invasion of aliens. Her main characters become a 50-year-old journalist and 20-year-old operator.

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