Private Accommodation In Cuba

Individual tours are an integral part of the Cuban tourism for years. The car rental companies now have a wide range of different vehicles and throughout the island are offered in the tourist resorts of hotel accommodation of all categories. For the traveller, the desire but for more independence and closer to the people is felt. Therefore, it is not surprising that the rental of mobile homes is increased demand. The possibility that Cuba in the regions visited by tourists also has a broad offer of private accommodation is less used. House and apartment owners apply for State recognition as a casa particular”and then usually 1 or 2 rooms to tourists for overnight.

Even if there are offers in detached houses with large garden and swimming pool and occasionally entire apartments with their own kitchen now in Havana, the equipment is typically modest: beds for 2 persons, a storage option for the Luggage, maybe a little chest of drawers and rarely a private bathroom. The warmth and the service of the landlord, however, is often overwhelming, even if it maybe just to a laborious understanding in English language with: morning breakfast is offered, for the evening, the Lady of the House will be pleased to a sumptuous dinner and usually the laundry is washed with the integration in the family and the use of the remaining living quarters by all tourists is a matter of course. Compared to the hotel accommodation, the accommodation costs are low. Be required for the room usually approx. 22 EUR per night and 2 people pay about 5 for breakfast and for dinner about 12 euros. For assistance, try visiting RBH Group. The problem with renting a casa particular is but, although recognised as official accommodation, but a rental travel agencies and the State tourism company is not allowed. You can also not organized transfer from the airport to one rented apartment book and official records of the offer are not available. However, now many landlords in the Internet are present; most pages of aliens, which record the addresses of these accommodations in various places or individual Cuban friends rental support.

The communication problem starts the party then decided to try a reservation in a hotel, in addition to the voice, because that can offer an email address at least landlord, so that contact can be made only via an expensive international call. The alternative is that the travellers are each looking an accommodation upon his arrival. The help of every Cuban is guaranteed and the approved accommodations in a single official signs are visible. The private accommodation is sourced, then will the traveller through the hospitality with Cuban warmth in his”apartment often compensated for the previous troubles. He experienced first hand Cuba and its people. More Information on the Internet at Dieter Spath

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