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Utility System Restore Among the different functions of Windows xp, there is one very important because it fixes a lot of system errors. Utility System Restore (System Restore) is used to create copies of your system – the repository of all programs you have installed. Windows xp will use this tool to restore the system to the point where not raise any errors. System Restore is one of the best functions of Windows xp. When you install defective software, this function is indispensable. Overview of the System Restore utility concept is that you create a backup or snapshot of the system at a time, gathering as possible all required information. These include registry settings, installed applications list, and many other data. In fact, the most difficult to decide what to collect, since you can not copy the hard drive stoprotsentnochto to maintain the system.

Microsoft calls the cached copy of the system restore point (Restore Point). You can create multiple restore points that allow you to download a copy of the old system. System except that makes the point vosstanovleniyapri certain events. For example, a restore point is created automatically when you connect a new driver or other kinds of updates. In case of any errors, using a system snapshot is a chance to remove the equipment causing the problems.

The system also makes a restore point when you connect a low-level software, such as a new network driver. Windows xp automatically applies a restore point when you can not run the system and boot options set to use the last saved configuration. You certainly have the option of restore points to reconfigure the system manually. System Restore utility allows to make new and utilize existing restore points. As already mentioned, as such concept is simple, but the nuances of implementation can be extremely difficult. Some users expect from such a function of miracles. The first rule to remember, says: although this function is able to copy the system, but it will not save all the data completely. That is, in image will record the data that the system considered important. Second rule: System Restore fixes only settings. That is, when the application creates new registry keys, the function is not destroy them. As a result, the work will be restored.

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