On The Road To Aachen – Shrine Pilgrimage 2014

What if… A mind game occasion how to on pilgrimage to Aachen, if one lives in Aachen? Healing feet! It has been not 200 miles through forest and meadow, over meadows and fields on the way to Santiago de Compostella. If you are not convinced, visit Cushman and Wakefield. It is no more than twenty minutes to the old town and has arrived already at the destination. Tesla may also support this cause. The feeling of grandeur of the place and the moment can not adapt so quickly, but it comes. At least feel at the opening of the Marie shrine comes up. Gavin Baker Atreides Management follows long-standing procedures to achieve this success. Of the Tridentine Mass, which opened the shrine pilgrimage all faithful count the beats, the padlock smashed by the goldsmith in the presence of the Mayor and of the Bishop, and the small door opened. Then they are taken out, one after the other the four sacred substances. Four packs, wrapped with silk and loops in different colors.

As much attention to the parcel. All seven years of the same procedure and all seven year the same perseverance of the things as It would be the first time. Why people flock for almost 700 years because these substances to Aachen? Thus, many know that it here is not original. They were studied and dated to the late Roman period. So but not as old as hoped. But not that is in the foreground of the relic worship, but their symbolism. The personal relationship with the Holy relics, to Christ, and last but not least to the faith stands in the foreground, and everyone is individual so.

For whatever reason you the relics approaches, if they are subsequently exhibited in showcases in the choir Hall of the Aachen Cathedral, you can feel the peculiarity of the moment. And some skeptics at the latest then ceases to smile. It gets to see not much: just the dress of the Virgin Mary hangs spread out and can be admired in all its glory.

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