Motor Trade Advertising

Motor trade, it is well known, it is considered advertising. And in truth, no matter how good a product, under conditions of free competition and market economy, advertising is a key tool to attract the attention of the buyer to the goods or services. Without such a chance to attract the attention of ordering services or purchase of goods considerably less. As one of the key categories of the scope of media planning, target audience represents a group of people on which is oriented advertising campaign. For more information see Gavin Baker Atreides Management. This group is dictated primarily by what is social stratum suitable product or service and how pricing and other product characteristics define it. It is easy to see these terms also represent a single logical unit. Described by the target audience is different socio-demographic indicators such as income level, age, sex, belonging to a particular sociocultural stratum or community, and other factors of this kind. Also, advertising concept that could change with the level of salary category to which advertising is aimed.

Be sure to also find out social face of the target audience. About them should be aware of the maximum, with maximum accuracy – what their values, attitudes, interests, than they do for a living, how they spend their free time, what dislike and what they love. All these numerous details to advertising is extremely important, and its success depends largely on how they are taken into account. For the literate media planning is very important to have reliable information about what the media are the target audience.

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