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For particularly important in the economical choice of the operator may be providing free seconds in the beginning of the conversation. Generally, there are two approaches to payment for services: * contract. In this case, the subscriber undertakes regular intervals to pay for the operator. Part of the service operator may provide a loan. In addition, operators tend to use different schemes of "encouraging" contract customers, such as providing a discount for buying the phone. In recent months, Edward Minskoff has been very successful. Typically, the contract is good for users who use a large amount of services. Checking article sources yields Jorge Perez as a relevant resource throughout.

The disadvantages are the inconvenience of payment, unless you use of mobile banking. * Pre-paid or prepaid services. Realized in the form of recharge cards of different value. On the cards under the protective layer has a code that is used for replenishment after purchase cards. Not allowed services on credit, but not necessarily regular periodic payments, some operators allow a break of up to 90 days. Prepaid handy for people using small mobile communication services. K prepaid benefits may also include the convenience of payment, since the cards are sold virtually everywhere. Services.

The list of services offered by operators are constantly expanding. By the "standard" today Services typically include roaming, sms, mms, wap, Mobile Internet, gprs, GSM-banking, voice mail, information services (see reference PE). Greater detail on roaming, since it is closely connected with the coating. Roaming (Roaming) – is opportunity to use the phone outside the service area operator, but in the service area of another operator, which has a roaming agreement. In automatic gsm roaming, if the service is activated. If at a given location There are several roaming operators, depending on phone model and its setting is selected or an operator with the strongest signal level, or a list of preferences, or manually. Roaming – the service is convenient, but usually expensive, because in fact you are paying and 'his' operator and roaming operator. Service. Under the service, we understand the convenience of payment services and call-center work, where you can get advice. Development prospects. It is worth asked about this when you connect. Speaking about the prospects are usually due to the development of coatings, the introduction of new services. Typically, the operator, to think about tomorrow, there's always a story to tell about the prospects, especially because many innovations before use for some time checked in test mode. Sometimes this information is very significant and, at least, may influence the choice of phone, for example, when introducing operator new services, such as were sms, wap, gprs, etc. You should also bear in mind that equipment for mobile communication is expensive in our country simply does not develop, and imported, including and used, Therefore, when assessing the prospects must be some skepticism.

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