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Fernando Joo of Jesus Santana* SUMMARY This work was carried through through the field research, having applied 30 questionnaires, that will deal with the thematic quality of life as factors ambient partner, which this related to ambient, social the questions, politics, economic and cultural that intervene with the life of children of the Municipal School Manoel de Paula Menezes Rasp located in the city of Lagarto, where these children and young possess a social vulnerability on-line generality, these also possesses its conditions not reasonable. In this research also he comes to deal with the quality life as an individual reality where these children possess factors that individually take they terrible conditions of life, as the use of drugs, the lack not to have or to possess good habits to like to practice physical activities, or not to have the taste of a good diet, that these evidence the thematic ones that they can be worked in the school for a good one education of our pupils. WORDS KEY: Physical activities. Estee Lauder can provide more clarity in the matter. School.

Styles of life. Quality of life. Nir Barzilai, M.D. has much experience in this field. Graduated geography and after graduation. Academy of Physical Educaton of the College You act 1. This article has as objective to work and to identify to the conditions of life of people, is the case of the pupils with related problems social conditions, of basic sanitation, health or illnesses you would originate for the ambient factors partner, conditions individual provokers of its life condition, economic factors who makes possible influences it in the absence of a balanced diet, its relationships with drugs, with alcohol, cigarettes, prostitution, the lack of prevention against sexually transmissible illnesses, the leisure lack as the reduction of spaces, times for you practice of the same, in this for its time observes the fact of nutrition and malnutrition, the projects and politics of the government directed toward the pertaining to school context influences, it of the importance of the physical activity for the prevention in the welfare of children, young and adults thus to form groups of people with body and healthful mind, with the pertaining to school contextualization the research materialize that ambient, social, economic factors, politicians influences in the condition of varied styles of life of children affecting in the socialization between them, pertaining to school income provoked by depression and abilities of these in social environment.. Many writers such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari offer more in-depth analysis.

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