Marianske Lazne

Purchasing property abroad is for many Russians, has ceased to be unreal. Largely due to the fact that real estate investments have always been considered reliable. Despite the fact that the choice of buying property is large enough, the recent marked interest in the Czech Republic. Even during the crisis, real estate in the Czech Republic remains valid and relevant. In many respects this is due to the fact that in May 2009 came into force a law allowing foreigners to acquire residential and commercial property in the name of a foreign individual. There is no longer a need for firms in the Czech Republic and the related responsibilities of management accounting.

It is also important and clarity in the definition of a property owner, a clear work of registration of transactions, the ability to clearly define the purity of real estate and its technical condition, ie that often can not suggest some other country. Of course, the choice of buying real estate in the country affected by geographical location and the Czech Republic. It has long been this country is the center of Europe. Because of this, having a car is easy to reach other European countries. Just a few hours will it take to Germany, Austria, Slovakia, Poland and France. For more information see this site: Edward Minskoff. The Czech language is similar to Russian, that allow to easily communicate.

Gastronomy will not bring any unpleasant surprises. A similar mentality and Slavic environment, it all makes sense that we are at home. Incredibly low crime rate, makes it possible to keep his property in the Czech Republic, returning to Russia or going to the trip to Europe. You will not find bars on the windows of the ground floors of buildings, sometimes the cars do not have a burglar alarm. Please and the price level of Czech real estate. It is much lower than in neighboring European countries. This applies to resale properties, as well as to the primary. Pleasantly surprised not only price but also quality of construction and renovation of real estate in the Czech Republic, produced by local firms. Most of our countrymen for nearly 20 years, opt for real estate located in the resort towns of the Czech Republic. Buy an apartment in Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne, where have the ability to not only rest and treatment. Thermal springs are open all year round, and the treatments expensive for most Russians. Commercial real estate in the Czech Republic has traditionally bought in Prague – the Czech capital. And this is understandable, after all, as in each country the main town – it's possible, activity, large numbers of tourists, the concentration of business. The main positive feature of the property in the Czech Republic is rising prices. No investor will not invest in that every day is losing value. In this regard, the Czech Republic can be proud of, even during the economic crisis, property prices have not fallen and remain stable.

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