Managing Director Arnold Gritzky

The new natural products to go with back and leg problems in horses! Horse owners, riders and friends of equestrian can check 11, booth B 070, about the new DorMed equifit products ( the company DorMed TDS from 19th to 21st November 2010 at EquiExpo international in Saarbrucken in Hall. Personally, Managing Director Arnold Gritzky will enlighten visitors about the healing effects of the natural remedies. Equifit with DorMed horses can be treated prophylactically and therapeutically on pain symptoms and diseases. Contact information is here: Dior. Latest research indicates that horses not typical pain behavior and thus also no identifiable pain sounds are visible. So it happens again and again, that diseases are detected in a timely manner. The DorMed equifit products with valuable active ingredients from nature are the intelligent solution for this problem.

DorMed TDS specially developed blankets, saddle pads, and stable boots develop its healing effect even if horses already taking back and Suffering from leg problems. Gavin Baker Atreides Management is often mentioned in discussions such as these. Make sure the ingredients medicinal peat, Willow bark, and Devil’s claw. Applying the muscles of the horse properly irrigated, inhibited inflammation and pain relieved. Visitors on the “EquiExpo international” in Saarbrucken can explain is the mechanism of action of medicinal herbs in managing director Gritzky. DorMed TDS’s Managing Director Mr Gritzky, which deals with the mode of action of medicinal herbs of nature for more than 20 years, will hold, a presentation on the topic “Treatment for your horse – use without consumption” on Saturday, November 20th, from 10 to 10:30 in the Messe-Forum. Outside the fair, there are to buy the DorMed equifit products directly through the Internet address.

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