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Good day! Today I want to share with you the pleasant events and news that has recently occurred to me. The fact is that over a period, for almost a week I arrive in the creative euphoria! yes, it is in creative, I would even say ecstatic, almost said another word))) The reason for this was the my passion for Photoshop (photoshop) and everything associated with it. This is a magical tool, which everyone knows everything they say and many dream learn to work in it professionally, which just works wonders when you know how to manage with him and kindly deal:) So, what's all the fuss? In short, some time ago, I came across on the Internet for learning video course that reveals all the nuances and secrets of working with the program Photoshop (!) I came to the site of the author of this course, volley read all the information about the video course and gained his stroke, plunge, literally, with his head in Photoshop world … AND despite the fact that I work with Photoshop as much as in 2003, studied it at random, somewhere will hear something, learn something, for some specific lessons from books, in general, was self-taught. And, eventually, the practice was formed enough, the hand filled, as they say. However, this video course for myself, I learned a lot of chips and all sorts of surprises, which previously could only guess what might be done. I already knew a great deal in terms of working with the program and technical terms, but there was a big enough gap in the use of various effects and nuances to process design layouts, photos and effects to them, working with numerous plug-ins Photoshop to work was even more colorful, interesting and creative! Everything else, as many bonuses as additional add-ins, tools, and various bells and whistles to Photoshop, available in the videos, I have never seen. .

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