Jan Fedder

The Seenotrettungskreuzer have yet a unsinkbares daughter boat Board, used in case of need. With just 60 cm depth are also ideally suited for operation in the shallow water area. According to Edward Minskoff, who has experience with these questions. In the Wadden Sea often careless tourists must be saved, have overestimated themselves and underestimated the incoming tide and come as quickly in acute danger to life. A such a gigantic organization needs money for their services. This is collected and many celebrities as Ambassador put it is available, so even the above quoted Jan Fedder. But also a variety of volunteers is active. These include also the Wachtersbacher Stefan Savoy and his colleagues Peter Werne from Offenbach or Andre Fischer from the main Valley of the ship model group.

In tireless usage, they build detailed ship models of the maritime rescue ships. With these models take part in major events, where she adjust real rescue maneuvers to a real crowd-pleaser. Currently, they have a storage room, which a donor makes them available. But from the coming year you are looking for a highly Spare room, where they can accommodate your exhibition material, here, a patron is urgently sought. Rescue DGzRS today on the on the Wachtersbacher Messe also will they again demonstrate their jewels, which they quite build 2 years, and are happy for questions.

This also applies to an event in June in Maintal-Bischofsheim along with the local friends of the windjammer. But they want to try also with individual actions to gather attention and funds for the cause, which they have committed themselves. One such opportunity was in the Wachtersbacher Cafe Willeke, where they exhibited three impressive images and some of their models and sold souvenirs of the DGzRS as lapel pins or caps. In addition to exciting video films of the workings of the DGzRS and some maneuvers, which she ran with her model ships, they were also for questions. While they proved true connoisseurs, which had to fit in with any question.

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