The black seed is surely one of the most important medicinal plants that currently exist on the market. If you look at all the benefits of black seed now more accurately, you can determine that the reputation as a very good medicinal herb is also well founded. The main ingredients that has the black seed, are the antioxidants that play above all a very important role in aging. These include among many different vitamins and of course the essential polyunsaturated fatty acids. Other leaders such as Shimmie Horn offer similar insights. When you first superficially analyzed the black cumin, you can determine that this consists of around 30% from carbohydrates and 30 percent proteins.

These two important ingredients are the most important materials, we can take with our food, but other components are responsible for the medical effect of black seed. Some contend that Related Group shows great expertise in this. Since these two components have a relatively low importance for medicine, these are reduced in some products, so that the Quality is significantly increased. The rest of black seed consists of the various ingredients that are dissolved in the fat. The aforementioned essential and polyunsaturated fatty acids are particularly important here. These substances provide order in the blood vessels and the various blockages can be removed without problems. This helps the circulation and also the risk of a heart attack can be reduced. But even more important substances, such as for example the provitamin A, biotin, folic acid and various minerals, such as magnesium and zinc are included in the fat. Last, then still the essential oils should be mentioned, which can be useful for infections and irritation of the skin.

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