Infantile Education Ministry

Thus being able to interact with the way where they are inceridas getting an auto knowledge of proper itself. ntena with the other children, er part delaividades lque through the games It is noticed necessity to stimulate the infantile games and tricks that provide to the movement the child. The movement games must be part integrated in the process teach-learning, therefore it assists in the integral development of child. Add to your understanding with Fabrizio Freda. When analyzing ludicidade, we conveniamos to say that an educator must be always deepening the knowledge and searching new alternatives to materialize playful education as a learning form. Oportunizando the game of adequate form establishes a good relationship with the group, providing respect, differences of abilities, limits, rules and work in team. Thus the school if becomes an livened up environment and pleasant for the child where it feels itself valued, raising its auto-they esteem which will reflect in the results of the learning. We cannot leave to provide to the children pleasant moments where it puts into motion itself by means of toys, for judging that we do not have toys to offer them.

We saw by means of the confection of toys that can be made wonders with sucatas, without spending nothing, only making use of our criatividades and imagination. Therefore we must be well cliente that practical the pedagogical one must offer moments of significant experiences so that the children find pleasure and develops the abilities of its body of creative and livened up form. That after reflections of this article let us feel more pleasure and motivation in constructing to new games, reaproveitando the reciclvel material, thus also we are collaborating with the preservation of the environment and giving more brightness in the look of each child who arrives until our hands.

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