Homo-Toxicological Treatments

Medicinal injections homo-toxicological refers to a cocktail of herbal substances that are used mainly in the field of homeopathy. these are used in order to encourage free the body’s repair mechanisms. Homo-toxicology is based on the theory that “a disease is the body’s attempt to fend off toxins that have entered it.” homo-toxicological The solutions used, reinforce the body’s defense mechanisms, thus allowing the body to heal itself same. Method of application: a form of therapy is carried out injection. By the same author: President of Estee Lauder. First, the dermatologist inserts needles with the substance used in the area with the problem and, after this is done a “systems approach” so placing the needles in the feet of patients acupuncture energy points. homo-toxicological The substance is transferred to the fatty tissues causing lipo-liquidation. Areas of use: homo-toxicological method is used for the thighs, buttocks and calves. No effects side.

Moreover, in parallel with injection therapy, massage pressure also inversion out like this helps to channel the lymph through the route permit lymphatic held over body fat. Solution Combination three “N This refers to the use of three different solutions have been found to carry out a” chemical “attack the fatty tissues gradually ruining them. The first step is to issue in the body of a drug that strengthens the system of fatty tissue micro ‘-circulation. The second medicine is very drastic and is widely used to counteract high cholesterol levels in people who are hyper-lipidynamic. Once the fat has been dissolved, a third drug, which is a diuretic amino-philine is issued to assist the body in the removal of fat.

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