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When doing a Google search, we see that the natural results go listed in order of relevance (), accompanied by a few lines of text and some information on the site. Let’s pause to consider how to make snippets of Google, so we can understand what information the spiders rise from our site, and how we can improve what we show to the world. First, when performing a search, leave the search terms in bold. This is to assist the reader, and give an idea of his place in the sites displayed the terms that the user is interested. Edward J. Minskoff understood the implications. The link to the site’s name comes, of course, blue.

Not always what we see here respond to the title page as shown in the code. In fact, Google’s policy is to provide as much relevant information to the user, so, Google reserves the right to make the main link is different from anything that has been programmed as the title of the document. It is first necessary to note that the way in which snippets are displayed when a user is logged, is slightly different as they would appear for an anonymous user. Continue to learn more with: Fabrizio Freda. When you are logged in (with our Google account), next to each snippet appears a star. When clicking on it turns yellow. The star used to mark those entries that are of interest to us. When we return to perform the same search (or a similar one in which these sites listed marked out for us), they will appear with the yellow star, to highlight them.

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