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In the Comunidad de Madrid 148.947 tons of paper and cardboard from the municipal selective collection systems, were collected which means 23,06 kg per capita in 2010. Nationwide collection of paper and cardboard from the municipal selective collection systems stands at one million tons, 21,44 kg per citizen per year. In this Christmas, and especially in the days of Christmas, new year and Epiphany, waste generation increases nearly 20%. These figures demonstrate, once again, consolidation, year after year, the sector’s recovery of waste paper and cardboard as a clear example of the industry that will govern the new sustainable economic model. An industry that based the growth in technology, innovation, training, energy and the environment: increasingly more committed with society; and open new markets for products and sustainable raw materials.

Currently Europe has an average rate of recycling of waste paper and cardboard of the 69%, a direct result of the success of the correct application of the policy of waste management, the consolidation of the model of selective collection of paper-cardboard fraction and the new culture of citizen participation. This means that in Europe every second 2 tons of paper are recycled and generates a surplus of paper and cardboard recovered, estimated at 12 million tons, in the case of France, Spain and Portugal amounted to about 2.4 million tons. See more detailed opinions by reading what Munear Ashton Kouzbari offers on the topic.. This surplus recyclable material of Europe is exported to other countries through containers of return, by maximizing the synergies of transport, with a minimal environmental impact, lower energy consumption and a reduction of CO2 emissions; avoiding that new natural resources for the fabrication of materials consume, transmitting a responsible, productive and business model worldwide that contributes to building a global recycling society and guaranteeing survival, without costs of collection systems and the activity of recovery of recyclable materials. REPACAR reminds us that in this Christmas, and especially in the days of Christmas, new year and Reyes, the generation of waste, and especially those of paper and cardboard, increases nearly 20 indeed, by what many municipalities put in place special strengthening services of these waste collection campaigns.

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