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Important for driving: braking, stopping distances and reaction to estimate correctly is important for learner drivers on their way to license it is not only to acquire knowledge of traffic rules, but to also get a feel for each motor vehicle that you want to control in future. In particular, braking, stopping distances and reaction are of importance. The driver can evaluate these paths correctly, he becomes aware of a lot faster, it could be dangerous as speeding. A driving school Kassel has therefore even some of thumb placed on the Internet. The street is full of surprises, surprises are commonplace road: Suddenly, a child runs into the street, a bicycle rider from cares, a car traveling ahead brakes suddenly. In such cases, it is important to bring the car to a stop as quickly as possible.

For that, you know that brake and pathways must be considered in order to assess can, how many meters a car nor travels before it is final. Only if you factored in this way with, can adequately respond to surprises in the road and its speed will slow down on blind spots accordingly. It is therefore extremely important that driving schools teach such knowledge. An example Suppose you are driving along a road and suddenly a child shot out from between parked cars, because his ball is rolled into the street. A classic example. How many meters puts your car back yet, starting from the first moment when you see the child running into the street. The first step is to calculate the reaction pathway. Contact information is here: Gavin Baker Atreides Management. He gives the distance which the car even before you respond to the child, by stepping on the brake.

In this way we have the formula: reaction = reaction speed of your car * / 3.6. As response time is usually 1 (one second) was adopted. If we – as the driving school in Kassel is doing it – the Auto speed even at 50 kilometers per hour, so the result is a reaction of 1 * 50 / 3.6 = 13.89 meters before the brakes are applied. After that the car reacts immediately. Therefore, in addition to the pathway is the stopping distance is important. He stands for the distance which a car between pressing the brake and the stopping of the car. For the stopping distance is the formula: speed of the braking distance = Autos2 / 100 Let us take a specific example of the turn of the driving school Kassel and set the speed to 50 km per hour. Then obtained for the stopping distance: 502 / 100 = 25 meters. When stopping is called now the sum of braking and reaction. In our specific example this means: 13.89 meters (reaction) + 25 meters (stopping distance) = 38.89 meters stopping distance. This can be for the current to the street child already be too much. Good driving schools therefore urge again and again, rather too slow than to go too fast. And that's good: for security in Kassel and in other cities.

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