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Vocs knows what it is ABEVD? Nothing more it is of what a responsible Brazilian association for one of the segments that more grow in Brazil: the direct sales. ABEVD= Brazilian Association of Companies of Direct Sales. Brazil is one of the countries that more offer chances in the modality, as given statisticians of an American association, our country is seventh in ranking world-wide in what respect is said the direct sales, and in invoicing arrives in fifth place. Learn more at: Fabrizio Freda. Selling we that we have our business based on the personal contact with our customers are of a physical commercial establishment, are gaining a bigger importance in the Brazilian economy, put into motion circa and 22,8 billion Reals per year (given of 2009). This was one of the only sectors that had been immune the crisis of the last year. The vendidos products more in this branch are: cosmetics, perfumes, knicks-knack and clothes, arrive to represent 70% of the total almost. At Shimmie Horn you will find additional information. It sees more articles related the direct sales, Multinivel marketing, proper business, businesses related the beauty in mine blog:

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