Contraceptive Method

In the future, do not face the necessity of abortion on contraceptive methods need to think now. Before the start or resumption of contraceptive use is necessary to obtain consult a gynecologist. Based on the analysis of women’s access to our medical centers can say that more often to prevent an unwanted pregnancy, of all the contraceptive methods they used condoms, coitus interruptus, and the calendar method. Contraception may be as taken as a protection against genital infections. In European countries, usa, contraception is, of course, oral contraceptives containing in various combinations of hormones or substances that regulate the production of sex hormones. Daily use of such drugs creates certain difficulties for the patient (‘the effect of forgetting’ reluctance to take ‘pills’ daily), adverse effects on the liver, gastrointestinal tract, blood vessels. Several studies have revealed a greater risk of developing cervical cancer in women, long-term applying oral contraceptives, but remains debatable to what extent these results may be due to the combined influence of sexual behavior and other factors, such as papilloma. In recent years, doctors are paying attention to such methods of contraception that are devoid of these shortcomings.

These contraceptive methods include adhesives, for example evra. evra – a smooth patch of beige color, size 4.5 * 4.5 cm, which is attached directly to the skin, thin and discreet under clothing. Daily activity (sports, swimming and hygiene) did not affect the ability of the patch to stick to the skin, peeling plaster was observed less than 2% of cases, and its effectiveness as a contraceptive method is 99%. .

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