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Gear cutting machines are designed for the treatment of gears, worms and racks. Depending on the tool used distinguish hobbing, shaping, zubostrogalnye, zubootdelochnye (Gear Shaving, gear grinding, zubohoningovalnye, zubopritirochnye, zuboobkatochnye and zubozakruglyayuschie) machines. On Gear machining is carried out: roughing teeth, finishing teeth burnishing gears, finishing teeth, rounding the ends of the teeth. On gear hobbing machine cut spur, helical and herringbone toothed wheels, worm gears. Read additional details here: Related Group. Most common in the industry vertical milling machines are available with moving table and fixed stand and with movable column and fixed table.

When cutting gears billet rigidly connected to divider worm wheel receiving rotation from dividing a worm, which is changeable gears kinematically associated with hob. Value Speed hob and workpiece determined by the gear ratio sets of interchangeable gear wheels. On shaping machines cut spur gears external and internal gearing with straight and oblique teeth, gear units, wheels with collar, notched, spline shafts, racks, ratchet, etc. Usually, cutting is performed by running, at least – by copying. The most widely used in industry have vertical shapers. Cutting tool is the ram, which moves back and forth parallel to the axis of the workpiece. At machines handle bevel gears with straight teeth on the method running one or two more cutters.

On planer reproduced engagement gear being cut with an imaginary plane generating gear, with two teeth are the last zubostrogalnye cutters, reciprocating. The process of cutting the teeth occurs when the movement of the tool to the top of the cone piece, and reverse is idle (during this period shall be disqualified from incisors blanks). Bevel gears with circular teeth done by running a special machine with gear cutting tool head, which is a disc inserted in the periphery cutters, machining tooth profile on both sides (first half of incisors treats one side of the second half – the other). Zuboshevingovanie (shaving cut) is made on Gear Shaving machines. Based on mutual slip of the teeth are in meshing tool and work gear with oncoming traffic. According to the feeding direction are three methods : parallel, diagonal and tangent. Tool is the shaver – disk, rack and worm. The first two types – for treatment of spur gears, the last – for the worm. On gear grinders produce processing gear break-in and profile copying using shaped grinding wheel.

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