Brazilian Constitution

' Wonderful illusion! ' ' As it is good for being connected in the media! Through it we knew that the public coffers had collected trillion of Reals more than! It is money in penca sobejando there for the Union! You stopped to reflect what he is more than one trillion in collection? In this country he has those that are not valid a thread, but has the ones that fight with claw and are successful. They pay its taxes and they are honest! As it would be good if these magnates entrepreneurs if joined and governed these parents! He is obvious, that he would not have as much imposture and the collected money would not have as many shunting lines! It is this spectacular cipher there! Valley imposes a fine on to write this exuberant numeral: .000. This in currencies and ballots full some compartments, right? We are with faith in the Government. Let us wait that those sanguessugas, do not take part in the administration. Why if thus it will not be little of hope that the Brazilian has will go below for water! At the moment, the security is a chaos.

The banditry lying down and rolling because they know that the Brazilian Constitution is unbalanced, old, decayed, and with this, they make and happen, especially in the great cities. Coitado of the people! It urges radical changes in this country! The ECA, also needs to be reevaluated with urgency. Currently, youth above of the twelve years, has conscience of all the acts that practise, however the Statute of the Child and the Adolescent, passes the hand in the head of them and there they are committing the biggest nonsenses without punishment. While it will not have a change in the Law nothing it will be decided! It is very easy to commit delicts since child and with the majority, good bye, everything it is in the esquecimento, it comes the clean fiche to who it killed, it sequestrou and much more! Therefore it is, is not money lack, we finish to know one more time that Brazil is rich in everything, in the natural beauties, in the collection, but it lacks projects to be executed with capacity, honesty, thinking about the growth each bigger time, with social ascension, without wanting to leave in the proper pocket the parcel that would be destined the minimizao of the existing poverty in the peripheries of the great cities and why not, in the small ones, where great majority survives joining paper and liveing without dignity in barracos therefore the slice of the money that would be for investing in housing it is alone in the paper. We go to believe the next management. We go to wait that the three secretariats special: health, education and security take the promises of palanque ahead. It will not be lack of mount of money and, yes, project politician! if we will not be fritos for plus a bit of years! The hope is the last one that it dies, my people! We go to trust the government! It takes that this Government reviews the situation of our ore, therefore is known that the Brazilian Nibio is being smuggled for the rich countries and the people nor knows of the potentiality of this and the verge that we are losing. Half dozen of smart, incluse the former ones knows of what I am speaking!

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