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From 1982 it passed if to call Quarter the Communications. 1986 (New Quarter Hope) 9 great Quarter the full one of 1986 contributed for the magnifying of the city of Tabatinga, that culminated in the formation of the New Quarter Hope. The maiorias of the inhabitants were at the time deriving of the Community of Sapotal. It has this name in function of the inhabitants to long for a hope of better future, therefore one ' ' new esperana' '. 1986 (Quarter GM3) 10 Quarter the quarter of GM3 was a division of the San Francisco quarter in 1986, and had this name in function of the construction of the School State Conceio Xavier de Alencar, but known as GM3, aluso to the third mandate of the governor Gilbert Mestrinho. 1997 (Santa Rosa Quarter) 11 Santa Rosa Quarter had its beginning with the housing of the seringueiro Valdemiro Taita em1939, that possua a great property, current Municipal cemetary, therefore it left to embed the angels in this land.

also for the lack of road structure in the area of the National Institute of Colonizao and the Agrarian Reformation – INCRA, to drain the production of the colonists. Therefore these venderam its lots and had come to live in this quarter, that was a division of the Tancredo quarter Snows in 1997. 1997? (Quarter Rui Barbosa) 12 Quarter This quarter originated from the division of the Tancredo quarter Snows in 1997. Its name is in homage to one of the biggest lawyers of studious Brazil and of the Portuguese language as well as president of the Brazilian Academy of Letters and journalist (Rui Barbosa). 1997 (Good Quarter Jesus) 13 Quarter the example of the quarter Rui Barbosa originated from the division of the Tancredo quarter Snows in the year de1997. 2003 (Noble Quarter) 14 Quarter Appeared from a land division, carried through for the City hall of Tabatinga, when the sales of the lots became public.

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