New History

We still detach, in this as volume that Gilbert Freyre focuses the growth of the Brazilian urban polar region, pontuando it with cultural antitheses, the always present bias in all its descriptions of the formation of our society. Of strong impact in this another Brazil of century XIX, the described modernizador process for Freyre is presented in the changes of the habits to dress, reading, of consumption, As well as in House-Great and Senzala the patriarcalismo is explicativa key of the nature of our social formation, of its estruturao and changes, such notion also is strategical in Sobrados and Mucambos. In the first book, the family is the basic unit of freyriana sociology, since the institutions and the Portuguese State if found distant of the Brazilian colonial company. Gilbert Freyre, as if she knows, becomes this concept bedding of its explanation of social questions as in such a way psychological that they segregate, they approach and they become soul the life of the Brazilian man. In House-Great and Senzala, the author sample that the system of house-great and senzalas accomodated social relations; in Sobrados and Mucambos, it he shows with clarity the same alterations of the house-great ones that if urbanizam in sobrados with requintes European architectural and start to express new rich and poor, white relations of distanciamento between and people of color, house-great and small houses, conferring great importance to the condition of the men inside of its environment of housing. RESULTS? Part of the results of this research on the contribution of Gilbert Freyre for the construction of the historical research of Brazil and the similarities between the New History associated with the Annales and social history, psico-history or historical anthropology of Gilbert Freyre; similarities that go since an interest for the material culture (feeding, clothes and habitation) until an interest for the mentalities and the history of infancy, subjects that they had marked House-great publication of & senzala.

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So Lus College

E the abilities of order by means of delegation: it is what it foresees the paragraph only of article 22 of the Constitution of 1988, allowing that complementary law can authorize the States to legislate on specific questions of the substances object of the legislative ability of the Union, that in the Brazilian Right is not about unknown forecast, but of previous Right since Constitution of 1937, in article 17, that it said: ‘ ‘ In the substances of exclusive ability of the Union, the law will be able to delegate to the States the college to legislate, (…) ‘ ‘ well as in the German Constitution of 1949, article 71 where if it reads; ‘ ‘ In the domain of the exclusive legislation of the Federacy, the college fits to the States to legislate solely in the case and to the measure that will be for this express authorized for a law federal’ ‘. Of the displayed one in a general way, the apia author if in some authors as PABLO BONVIDES; LOEWENSTIEN; ALEXANRE HAMILTON, JAIMES MADISON AND JOHNJAY; DALMO OF ABREU DALARI and others to emit its conclusions, in what it refers to the federalism of century XVII to century XXI, as well as took for base the foreign Right-hander, the pact of the thirteen British colonies of the North America in 1787, the Constitutions of Weimar, and India of 1950, as well as the Brazilian constitutions of 1934 and 1937, still the Constitution of Germany of 1949, and the promulgated Brazilian Constitution in 1988, this workmanship has for objective to reach the said public applicators of the Right.. . .

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(Crawling on all fours, "a bear"; sitting – sip trunk to the legs, etc. – "Ugh! Ugh! Ugh!") Was a pure road ride, ride we come. (Running with acceleration – chug-chug-chug!) Our cheerful engine in the winter woods brought us all. In the snowy woods now come in and see someone in it? (Walking with the heels of slowing, his hands working the wheels from the train.) Deer in the forest is dense It moves He beautifully antlered and quick feet. The snow, he is easy to Raise foot high. (Walking high knee lifting, while clicking the tongue.) And then they saw zaychishku, he hastens to confuse the trail, because he coward, with very, very early childhood.

(Jumping on two feet forward, jumping with a shift from right to left, etc., and pronounces: "Pryk-gallop! Pryk-gallop!") Carefully on toes There goes the fox, cunning little sister. Redhead beauty Everybody enjoy. (Walking on toes, "Tyav! Tyav! Tyav!") As a frost blew (d / y: Fu-oo-oo! Fu-oo-oo!) Flew in the air frosty, icy circled star. (Jogging, running with turns.) Flew and flew and sat quietly on the ground. (Running with sit-ups.) Snowflake sat on a palm, you play with me a little. (Walking one after another with breathing exercises "with her hands Sduem snowflake.") Verbal games movements. "We will go with you …" We'll go with you to the right – 1, 2, 3, and then walked to the left – 1, 2, 3 And then we turn – 1, 2, 3 and clapped his hands – 1, 2, 3 hands to heels and your ears on their knees and shoulders to arms in hand, at times, up.

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Latin America

As acknowledged in his statement the President of Mexico, Felipe Calderon, Latin America is not only poorer than the European Union, but having a higher index of inequality, which shows that they have not worked for social cohesion and equal opportunities policies. The Mexican ruler admitted that the facts show that economic growth by itself does not solve the problem of poverty, but is essential to advance in your solution the President Calderon added that the market is an indispensable condition for the development and productive growth, but isn’t enough. The grinder position of the State is required to fix huge inequalities in Latin America, he added. They are necessary, public policies specifically aimed at overcoming poverty, and the main factor is the generation of employment and the fight against gender inequality because, he regretted, in Latin America poverty has a woman’s face. For even more opinions, read materials from Dior. Reportedly, the Chilean President, Michelle Bachelet, was the most radical in their defense of policies to boost education, a valuable instrument for social inclusion, especially of women, indigenous people, immigrants and vulnerable and marginalized sectors. After six years of economic growth in Latin America, is the time to move forward, said Bachelet, who recalled that growth without equity is not conducive to the development and urged to take advantage of the economic boom to invest in education, strengthen social protection systems and distribute the benefits of growth. Let us not make the same mistakes as in the 90s, where we grew up, but we do not move in equity, He said. We want to grow to include and include to grow, said Bachelet, convinced that the strategic and regional association work in which Lac and the EU must transform into a partnership for development. Original author and source of the article.

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The Ventas

Tea voia search because today 9 years after your death, something inside of me, tells me that you are not really dead. Learn more about this with Jacobs Dallas. No soi able to go to the cemetery and echarte flowers, one day said that go to heaven wanted go and find your ancestors…one day I went to scream God because you yevaste to her and not to my!and is it only leads to the most good… for a moment I wanted to kill me getting in front of a car, because everything has already changed. Now I am by being a mother at 19 years, you made dmuchisimo less, I need to my side, having you, give me advice of mother, go shopping together by choosing the ventas and shoes for your nietita, and is that even taking my future husband at my side and my father, me siento tan sola because it comes just me missing what most lack makes me, I don’t know even if I go to power because every few minutes I start to cry because your you’re not, and think about how much I need you, and what I liked ubiera hazer with you, is that I think and I will continue thinking that this life is useless, by very nice to others the paint for my already pointless nothing, I am very lonely, you necesesito MOM… I need you. Original author and source of the article..

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The Kilo

Love cannot be measured, therefore does not apply the phrase to remove one to give to another because we are not talking about a piece of bread, for example. If you give lots of love to your partner, you can give lots of love to your parents and that does not imply that it is gone. If you really believe that love is probably just as well it will be, not because love has some limiting factor but because you’ve limited yourself through your mental reasoning to your own heart, you’ve limited yourself. Your love is the most wonderful thing that can exist, but when you think in this way you are comparing your heart with a kilo of sugar, for example. A kilo of sugar can sweeten many things, it can be very useful to the passage of the day but you’ll always measure what you use, what das, teaspoon by teaspoon, because it is good but it can finish, why you racionas it. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of CFTC on most websites. A kilo as this has start and default end, because spoonful after spoonful sugar run out.

However, you love isn’t a kilo, or several kilos nor measure meters or kilometers. If you measured miles, let’s put than thousand kilometers, mean that your love covers thousand kilometers but what happens when someone special for you out of travel? You will leave wanting to because he has left – the range – action of your love? Who loves immediately says: No! To exit the trip doesn’t mean that I will stop loving you!. This confirms that the measurement system cannot be used. Add to your understanding with hicham aboutaam. I ask one thing along with the idea of the kilo of sugar, what happen when it ends? Because even though you rations, will end because that’s what happens with the tangible things or not? You think about it. Isn’t it better to stop thinking that your love is a kilo of sugar and turn it into a pantry of sweetness? The true sweetness does not depend on something tangible and measurable like sugar or honey, it is something that goes far beyond, but compared with these two things that sweeteners because our rational mind needs an explanation. .

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The Pure

I am soziha in this world of ipocritas only I and God and but nothing Accusing they are me with what I did not make, they speak bad of me, they make me to be what I am not. I want to wake up of this nightmare but it is not nightmare is the pure reality. .

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Karl Rahner

Ideological conflict, that is, no doubt, does not solve to cudgels, in Caprices tables. The confrontation is inherent to the species, is immanent, that would say Karl Rahner and other theologians. What happens is that in each historical moment acquires different manifestations, by no means less important. Before continue the dissertation, which boasted he would for long, I couldn’t for less to interrupt him, have detected an apparent anachronism in their words: did Karl Rahner? Have you read to Karl Rahner? Clear, young; what you imagine. And also to Ratzinger, who just choose as Pope a few months ago. Or is it believed me that I spend here my time touching me noses? Just addressing you a sensitive point took part Torrente, to mitigate the obvious anger of the Basque plaintiff. But then she turned to see the figure that had come out of the passage from the box, preceded by the rattling of their steps. Man, look at who’s coming there! Little by little a woman of rhythmic steps and harmonious cadence was approaching towards us.

I was not right at the beginning to discern their age. By their walk and their ways seemed young, but a measure that approached I realized by its features, that it was one older person. At Torrente, in any case, to see it is you had cheered tabs: the girl said, as if it were a no-brainer. Unamuno took the opportunity to say goodbye politely: us us will said, referring with the plural indisputable to Tovar and himself, as if they constitute an indecipherable unit, a kind of lodge rectoral, with a code apart from other mortals, immortal, rather, given its condition of souls, wandering spirits or whatever what. If you are still here in a while, we will return to see us, because you and I have a pending conversation about the current Spain.

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Sancto Sanctorum

The same happens with the Tetragrammaton. There is even a book which outlined the possible combinations of 3 vowels (a between each of the 4 letters) that can have, where one of them (which is the one used until today is: e-o – to or YEHOVAH, which in Spanish was translated to to JEHOVAH and in English to YAHWEH and was determined because the end is not a name but an attribute): representing Hague-HOVE-IHIYE which was-is-SERA. Representing the everlasting attribute of the divinity. In prayer and to avoid breaking the second commandment: do not use God’s name in vain (any of them!), everytime you are with the Tetragrammaton, does not say YEHOVA but ADONAI meaning: my Lord. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of Coldwell Banker Realty on most websites. And because he trasgrediria in prayer with the 2nd.

Commandment? Because we are human and prayer can one easily fall into routinely read without really pay attention to the prayers and just repeat them by inertia. The only one who pronounced this combination of vowels which is one of many possible, (not to say that it is the only one) was just the Holy priest in the temple and only in Sancto Sanctorum against the Ark and only in the day most sacred of Yom Kipur in time to ask for forgiveness for all the people. Yet the priest entered chained, because if you say the prayer thinking of other things (we are human), and is desmayase or spend him something anyone could enter and with the chains they could remove it from the outside. Now if the Tetragrammaton is just an attribute, which is the name of God? And the next question is can give a name to something that is INDESCRIBABLE? And if we give a name that would be? Male or female? God in Judaism do not have gender. Even in prayers to avoid to understand God in masculine or feminine sense, in the prayer forms are interspersed and sometimes one in the masculine sense and others in feminine sense, is aimed to avoid that it will give a gender to something that does not have a defined genre.

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The Beginning

Emotional dependency is a pattern of unmet emotional needs from childhood, now elderly we seek to satisfy, by searching for very close interpersonal relations., defines it as narrow a chronic pattern of frustrated affective demands, seeking desperately to meet through interpersonal relationships. However, this search is destined to failure, or, in the best of cases, to the achievement of a precarious balance. How is the emotional dependent, how to recognize it? On this monograph. Com points out some features: continuously is suffering from serious emotional needs, mainly from lack of affection. Not waiting or seeking affection because it has never received and not for the same reason this trained to give it. She simply adheres to someone who idealizes. Undesirable people interested because their poor self-esteem causes fascination to find tremendously self-confident, someone with some level of success or capabilities, sometimes more alleged than real.

Understands love as addiction, hitch, submission, admiration to the other person and not as a reciprocal exchange of affection characteristics of interpersonal relations, especially of couple, emotional dependents: thereon provides us with some such as: excessively need the approval of others.Of course, as the link is more relevant the need is greater, but there is also some concern about to fall well even to unknown like exclusive and parasitic relationships.This is one of the more annoying traits in these people, frequent reason for anger and tears. The need for the couple (or friend, son) is really a dependency as occurs in addictions, which generates to another subject often feel invaded or absorbed. Emotional dependent wants to continually have the presence of the other person as if you were hooked to it, appearance similar to attachment comportamentalmente anxious. His desire to have a partner is so great, that they excite and fantasize greatly at the beginning of a relationship or with the simple appearance of an interesting person.

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