McLuhan Computer

Brave & Damski (1995, p.01) affirms that the present revolution in the communications alone if compares with the invention of the press and adds that the Internet can become one ' ' divider of guas' ' social, without which the history of the humanity could not be written. Marshall McLuhan (1971) approaches the computer as an extraordinary advance for the development of the technologies of the information: The computer is, under any point of view, the extraordinariest of all technological vestments never elaborated by the man, therefore it is an extension of our central nervous system. To the side of it, the wheel is little more than an arc of bambol, inda that it does not have entirely to be discarded. For example, it has only forty years behind the arc was mainly a toy of young, but they it they made to roll for the streets without never thinking about placing it with a dance vestment. The young of the generation of the television had never known what it was to roll an arc, exactly when encouraged for oldest.

When dancing with it, they expressed a sensitivity and a conscience of envolvement of entirely new form. (…) The informtico environment and its effect created by the computer are so inaccessible for a literatizada vision as the exterior world for the blind person. In accordance with Pons (2001, p.50-51) the educative technology as study field and disciplines academic has its development in the United States, mainly from the decade of 40. The first reference specifies in the formative field is the projected courses for supported military specialists in audiovisuais instruments, given during the World War II. The technology use can propitiate autonomy, increasing the learning chances. Material visual, recording printed matter, photocopies, dictionaries, resources, laboratories of languages, videos, computers, tools of Internet – Chat, email, frum, platforms of learning, software, resources on-line, digital machines of translation, corpora, DVDs, and Compact disc is some examples of cultural devices that can emancipate the pupils in its attempts route to the autonomy.

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