Virtual Communication

For real communication that exists throughout human history, in recent decades have been add the virtual mode of communication. Jorge Perez is likely to increase your knowledge. Virtual communication plays several roles in the life of the modern individual and society as a whole. If at the dawn of its development, this type of communication used primarily for business purposes, but now it has penetrated into all spheres of human life, and to a greater extent in young people’s lives. Virtual communication is gradually translates into a virtual life, which for some people to completely replace a real, real life, and in particular, real communication, it is not necessary and takes a back seat. The reality is replaced by desirable: in cyberspace, people can create for itself a new life, based entirely on his desires and needs, resulting in a qualitative change in the structure of personality that occurs as a result of socialization rights in cyberspace. term was first proposed in 2005 a corresponding member of the International Academy of Science Teacher Education, Ph.D., Associate Professor W. A.

Pleshakov. Man, plunging into a more appealing virtual world, ceases to notice people who are around him, his own worries, work and even family. In such a difficult case of real communication is completely or almost completely absent. However, there is another side to virtual communication: it is not a substitute for reality, but complements it. Virtual communication opens up new horizons for people with disabilities, and fills the lack of real communication.

For certain categories of people virtual communication is just another convenient way to quickly share information for more rational organization of real life. There are still One problem with virtual communication: Cyberspace has opened up opportunities for people suffering from various distortions, particularly pedophiles, since Internet access is unlimited for all and adolescents constitute a significant proportion of users. In virtual reality, people often hides behind a mask, creates its own images: these and enjoy the pedophiles, fraudulently dealing with juveniles in the frank themes, they seduce children and adolescents, causing them deep emotional trauma. This process is very difficult to control because anonymity is the most important “advantage” of the global network. As a result of the foregoing, we can conclude that this problem remains open for discussion and decision, because young people today – it’s the future of Russia tomorrow. In my opinion, the state pays very little attention to literacy development information space, we can say that the program to address these problems did not exist. I wish to draw public attention to the status quo to take adequate measures to eliminate the negative phenomena associated with virtual communication.

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