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The right of action to the autonomy for the student varies in function of the degree where the professor is capable and has the chance to exert its proper right to the autonomy. I think that we need freedom valuation to act with more quality, considering that it is through the reciprocal humanity who if oportuniza the construction of the autonomy. You may wish to learn more. If so, Munear Ashton Kouzbari, Dallas TX is the place to go. In each professional context, it is necessary to identify constaints, to find maneuver spaces, to strengthen existing spaces of freedom already and to develop strategies that approach the practical ones carried through to the practical ones idealized. It is necessary to develop an awareness in order to concur for a interventivo paper of the professors and the educandos in the transformation of the contexts and practical pertaining to school. As psychologist I would consider in practical the pedagogical ones of the school or even though diluted in the more informal educational spaces, Groups of Meeting where if prese for the autonomy from strategies and forms to become related that they guarantee the liberty of speech of feelings, the experience of the challenge to enter in communication with the other, the allotment of ideas and points of view, one to usufruct of the space and time of meeting I obtain proper, the self-knowledge that provides autoestima, as well as acolhedor space in order to always promote moments of reflections, of creativity, emphasizing the necessity of the affection, the love, the care and the autonomy in the relations.

I understand that we are ALL inserted ones in the process of unlearning (with) to live. I think that to establish an independent relation perpassa for coming back toward inside of me as if it was a mirror, and to see What and AS I am making to allow that the OTHER grows. Sousa, Miguel and Lima (2010) place in them that ' ' If the light in the lack to clarear the distanciamento that lasts between I and YOU, then still is necessary to look at the other as similar, exactly when it shows in its marcantes diferenas' ' (P.

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