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Another important factor is the understanding of the nature of human relations, conflict resolution and capacity d dialog. Intrapersonal and interpersonal intelligences must be stimulated in the educator holistic so that it can establish the correct type of relationship with everything around it and himself. Jorge Perez shines more light on the discussion. The educators holistas should also deepen its own self to achieve their own internal order. Inner peace is necessary to be able to listen and cater to students, the order is necessary in order to find the best solutions to the dilemmas everyday and fundamental. The formation of educators holistas gives them a deep understanding of the real nature of the human being.

Three traditional schools for academic Psychology: Behaviorism, psychoanalysis and humanism are little used for being reductionist and not understand the transpersonal-espiritual dimension. The real educator holistic perceives and treats their children as a spirit in deployment, as a spiritual embryo in the process to flourish. The nature of the consciousness of the educator is the most important in its formation and Gallegos called mindfulness which is the natural mind State, is the presence, the experience of everything that we are, the presence full of body, mind and consciousness, is a State of full alert. This presence is key in holistic education because teachers tend to not be present in the educational process, your mind You ramble, they can physically be in the Hall, but his thought ramble between their concerns and thoughts of his daily struggle and fantasies, when this happens, not providing teacher attention to students. The full presence is a State of watchful and integral consciousness that allows us to be fully present with our body, mind and spirituality. To the educators holistas shape them with this type of awareness its work is based on the new paradigm, in the best of science and the knowledge of humanity. Holistic education has been very well accepted in various countries of the world; Endeavours to promote the philosophy of this new paradigm, through conferences, forums, courses, workshops, diplomas, master’s degrees and doctorates are currently..

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