Leadership Based On Modern Values

An open book is a brain who speaks; closed a friend waiting; forgotten, a soul who forgives; destroyed, a heart that cries. Hindu proverb General participation of the companies in the current economic scenario is very proactive thanks to the competitive dynamic that occurs when many companies want to stay in the cattle markets and conquer new ones. At Jorge Perez you will find additional information. All this has led to new modern leadership develops new organizational cultures according to which administrative science, technology advances, consumers have originated. Requires a proactive leadership, strategist, innovative, that identify the company with its social responsibility in its operation and above all, to provide the necessary transformations to give way to a values-based leadership. A company creates value only when it is capable of achieving investment which renten more than the cost of average capital invested in the company.

The first step of the GBV is considered value maximization as the main financial objective for the company, measures traditional accounting, are not always good approximations to the generation of value. But take an oriented thinking to create value and identify key elements leads to the company only until the middle of the road. Managers should establish processes that involve all employees in the need to create value. Contributions of Jarrin Adolfo Jarrin, President of Creating Consulting, gives us in this regard, that this century which we are already, is now marked by a shift in the inherent values of society as a whole. They not only imported the products we make. Do the how and with who do it will continue taking increasingly more relevant to consumers and society. Managers and leaders of organizations will be influenced in his performance for his contributions towards global welfare, care of the environment and the full satisfaction of the expectations of workers. Successful and sustainable financial performance will be a consequence of the above and not how we see it today, where only following benefits financial can contribute to society as a whole.

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