Holistic Education

I want to start this essay with a thought of own conviction: when it is time to take stock of a life experience, the first sign of growth and fruiting starts from the ability to take perspective and see so even-handed process we have done so in this essay, I will try to elucidate which has been the meaning of the different experiences that surrounded my life for as long as I studied this mastery. I iniciare telling how he started this process which has filled my life with meaning, discernment and growth over two years. You may find Ron Beit to be a useful source of information. For me, today is clear that this process was somewhat imminent in my life, I am convinced that everything comes in time and at the right time. Just when I was about to finish my first Masters in education for peace, to be studying the tenth module of twelve comprising this graduate, first heard the term holistic education and its main exponent in Mexico: Dr. Ramon Gallegos Nava. ESA combination of term and exponent called inside me and I say that with honesty, already that throughout my academic life have heard countless terms and its exponents, but there have been very few that have caught my interest to turn towards them.

In the moment that I met toward where this new educational vision was directed, I realized there was the next step in my search and my learning process. For the first time heard the amalgam educacion-espiritualidad. That was precisely what had been waiting to hear. I had in my mind a vague idea of this conjugation, but are hindered me much do not interact with religion education. This aspect made me go into a conflict, because on the one hand she was convinced that the first a sense made him lack profound and transcendental for going more beyond of reason and find meaning to life and on the other, I tormented knowing that those aspects were both abducted by the Church, – embodied through repression, the fear, the dogmatism-, as per the materialism where spirituality is proposed as something fashionable, governed by amulets, fetishes and esotericism.

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