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Nowadays, the problematic one derived from the document physical storage, has been detrimental for public institutions, prevailed, and even particular, since as well, it generates difficulty for his administration, the documents are exposed to conditions of deterioration and the costs of registry, access and/or shipment of the same rise. The digitalization and documentary management have become the most profitable way to conserve physical documents, through electronic archives. In this way, their storage and accessibility are optimized and costs of maintenance, file and mail, reduce considerably. RBH Group insists that this is the case. Methods exist to facilitate their administration, as they are it the indexing and classification by categories. Which are some of the advantages of the Doumental Administration? 1) It reduces operative costs (mail, impressions, photocopied, storage, duplicates nonwished, physical space, etc.). 2) It avoids problematic like traspapeleo or physical deterioration of the document/image.

3) The information is protected and can be handled through electronic companies and/or controlled endorsements. 4) Eficienta the time of shipment and reception of archives. 5) The digitalization of any file format can be carried out as well and, to be turned to another compatible format. 6) The guarantee of the prolonged conservation. 7) A great amount of data can be stored in units of CD, USB, DVD, etc. By methods like ” Indexacin” , the information search requires of smaller time reversal. 9) Possibility of using the same information by more of a user, through claes of confidentiality and/or use of internal networks. 10) It optimizes the productivity of the personnel. It is important to consider to specialized companies to carry out east type of activities, since through them, the Documentary Administration also can still more be facilitated through software, specialized scanners and, sometimes the same companies are in charge of to provide the human resource to fulfill the requirements of its Client, as far as time, amount and quality talks about. In Mexico Digital Data exists, a company of services of administration, document processing and control that making use of end technology, its availability guarantees and consults, contributing in this way to increase the security, productivity, yield, transparency and order in the information of its clients. Products and Services?

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