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National Bank financed the construction of processing plants for potato starch. Construct the cost was 1 million euros. Contractor is the Chinese corporation 'CLECT', who developed design – budget documentation and the supplied equipment. Enterprise of 'New Drut is located in the area Mogileskoy Theatres Tehtin based on livestock farming. Starch is widely used in Food and formatsevticheskoy industry, as well as in some technical applications. The Belarusian delegation visited the corporation in order to familiarize with the equipment. Click Ron Beit to learn more. After beginning work on the design Belarusians appeared problems with the regulatory norms of the two countries. As it turned out the design documentation of China is the common representation of the object for construction companies.

Adjust the project rate of RB had themselves Belarusians. Here such as a letter to the corporation Heep CLECT: We direct you to ideas submitted by you on registration of design documentation of the amendments in accordance with design standards in the RB section construction. We must show structural units of modular buildings sheathing (roof and walls). Section of electricity. 2.1. Production department.

According to the norms of technological design production plant belongs to the second category of consumers. Power-consuming equipment of the second category are encouraged to provide electricity from two power sources vzaimorezerviruyuschih. To enter a proposed set of water-distribution systems with two vzaimorezerviruemymi inputs with switchable sections breakers manually. There should be emergency lighting (lighting safety and evacuation) from a single dashboard. In industrial premises necessary to provide repair coverage on the reduced voltage. Please consider the use of lamps with fluorescent lamps with a degree of protection as energy-efficient 54 JP. Supplement she6my distribution networks. Water pumps station. There should be emergency lighting (lighting safety and evacuation) from a single dashboard. In industrial premises is necessary to provide repair lighting at reduced voltage. Specify the number of fixtures in accordance with the light: in the duty room – 200 lux, indoor equipment – 200 lux fluorescent lamps or 75 lux for light bulbs. You need to add automated switching circuit pumps working on a backup, specify the installation location starters. In the scheme of the power cabinet to provide 2L with two inputs and connect the working and standby pumps of different sections of the cabinet. Suggestions for design of the project: it is desirable to provide a project organization RB complete designs of buildings and structures, is developed by a separate album for each section of the project. See Chinese drawings after completion, it was noted that the quality of constructions and equipment 'Chinese'

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