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Mendoza tourism adventure tourism adventure in Mendoza is not only synonymous with trekking, rafting, climbing or snow sports. The varied geography of the province, which alternates dense forests with arid deserts opens endless possibilities that are not necessarily concentrated in high mountain activities. Every day there are new opportunities to enjoy the beautiful mendocino landscape, its Sun and its dazzling flora and fauna. One of the newest sports is the canopy. Born in Costa Rica to solve transportation needs, it soon began to be used in other latitudes, including much less warm, exclusively recreational purposes. It consists of a system of wooden pallets and steel cables that bind together the treetops in a forest, allowing the displacement between them through a pulley and a harness. The device that best mimics the sensation of flying in Earth allows travel distances of up to 250 m, and is positioned as the option of tourism ecological adventure par excellence.

An activity different that it respects not only the environment, but allowing the practice who literally dive into him, feeling part of the ecosystem of the forest. Next to the domes of the trees only will be heard the singing of the birds and the murmur of the wind, the ideal setting to forget the daily tensions and enter into profound communion with nature. Kahuak tourism offers an excursion of canopy of noon with the impressive landscape of the Potrerillos Dam as a backdrop. The base circuit includes five sections for a total of 700 meters distances between ravines and hills. For the more adventurous, the adrenaline circuit offers seven stretches of route for a total of 1400 metres flown about abrupt falls and the River Mendoza himself. Anyone can practice this exciting activity, which requires no previous experience.

The basic equipment for a day of perfect canopy includes sunscreen of high factor protection, comfortable clothing (long pants preferably) and some shelter. Hard canopy tour approximately nine hours and can be complemented with a visit to the vantage point of Potrerillos for a breathtaking view of the dam. Or, also, with a trip on catamaran by the same dam which allow relax after so much adrenaline. The incorporation of the canopy to the menu of tourism adventure in Mendoza allows the Cuyo province to offer tourists, perhaps, the only thing that was missing: the possibility of being a bird.

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