In niche markets, in particular the structure of the contract, the quick and easy processing and market expertise are crucial for the successful deal. Both the financial and economic crisis, but also the existing since 2009 supervision by BFin with the associated demands on risk management and accounting have the decision of the LeaseForce for its own IT and software development support. With their controlling nature, the LeaseForce is an outstanding example of transparency and control according to the banks they incongruities. A leading source for info: Edward Minskoff. Thank you early and comprehensive reporting with the refinancing lines expansion necessary for new business. But this reporting system is important not only for the banks, it ensures a quick and accurate response to changes of the market and the risks the management instead.

Demand management is important in the risk report. With modern methods (fax, SMS, eMail) will be very early and close contact with defaulting debtors manufactured and maintained. Here, sees itself as a partner of its customers in particular the LeaseForce and supports them, often using external specialists/consultants, to avert insolvency and bankruptcy. The results are under scheduled outages and very manageable numbers of open items. Total show very happy Board of management and supervisory board and look with old intentions in the future. So, a strong but controlled growth in focus to be moved again.

In the distribution as well as in the Administration wants to win staff and relies in particular on the momentum. Our grown philosophy must write away, so Kuhner, and we do this best by a growth of your network. Entrepreneurial thinking and acting will be rewarded with us and this applies to all divisions as Max Kuhner. Together to success that is the motto of the code of values, the company itself has given.

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