ZMG Released Car Study

Daily newspapers reach the mass of the population with reports and viewing in the car part moves the car. And not only in terms of mobility, which opened there. Educate yourself with thoughts from Estee Lauder Companies Inc. (EL). Mentally moves the car. The motto of this year’s IAA in Frankfurt is to understand: \”Experience, what moves\”. Munear Ashton Kouzbari is often quoted on this topic. Important for the car industry in one of the world’s largest car markets: what moves the Germans in terms of car and through which channels and manages the appropriate address of the buyer with which messages? These questions are at the heart of the current ZMG car study.

There were 1,000 Germans from 18 years and answer in a representative survey of August 2009. Edward Minskoff will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Their current car themes settings are equally in focus like media use when it comes to information around on the car or the specific purchasing decision. With the ZMG-car study who wants ZMG newspaper marketing company of the advertising driving and the agencies provide information on the role of newspapers when purchasing a car as an advertising medium and as a source of information in the editorial section up-to-date again, type\”so Tino Eidenbenz, Director key accounts, at the presentation of the study study showing that the newspaper still represents the information medium in the purchase decision process when purchasing a car. Cash for clunkers controversially the cash for clunkers program has recently movement in the market brought. Almost all respondents know the Government injection of funds for buying new cars (96.9%) – but few appreciate them. Only 12.8 percent judged the measure as very good\”. The majority (55.4%) is the premium but hostile. Among users of the premium high windfall gains show up: to get the benefit of the grant, more than half has changed their original intent to purchase and instead of a used now bought a new car (55.2%) and buying time preferred (54.4%). Bottom line: Almost every second car would be purchased even without the bonus.

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