The main advantages of sliding-door coupe: Stylish modern design. Now there is a huge variety of wardrobes for different parameters – design, colors, materials used, cost. Especially high variety of choices at the individual order wardrobe, as a manufacturer in the performance of the individual order will take into account all the demands and wishes of the client. In this case, you can pick up a wardrobe that ideal for any interior room. Saving space room. IBI Group can provide more clarity in the matter. All the closets are either sliding or folding doors that do not require additional space for the normal tearing – Due to their design they are able to open in the same plane. In addition to saving space, closets may even slightly increase the area of the room a visual way – contribute to this mirror doors, having a protective film.

High quality material used and the long lifetime. All modern wardrobes are made of qualitative raw materials, through which the reliability and, consequently, life-in closets significantly increased. High capacity. Recently 660 Fifth Ave sought to clarify these questions. Of course, the wardrobes are created not only "beauty". They can hold quite a lot of different things – costumes, outerwear, shoes, bed laundry. All closets have a lot of various sizes boxes and shelves, so all necessary items can be accurately expanded in the right places. Versatility.

Modern cabinets coupe would be appropriate in any rooms – the kitchen, hallway, living room, bedroom or office. Relatively low cost. Wardrobes are available to almost everyone. If the individual wardrobes are expensive, the cost of standard cabinets at times less, but the quality remains at a very high level. Relatively short periods of manufacture. Production technology standard-in closets are already perfectly understood and tested, so the manufacturer-in closets Standard class is very fast, but good. However, this is not about individual wardrobe: the production of one model on an individual project may be delayed for a few days. All the above advantages-in closets are just basic. When all non-essential benefits, then they would be several times more. And precisely because so many advantages closets are now so popular.

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